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Hi Tony and Sam,

Hope you are well. I have just been to Knighton Music Centre and picked up my new Lakestone OM/D.

I went in Sat to look at Non Rosewood OM L'arrivee guitars and was unimpressed by them, after trying everything else they had, Steve handed me your OM and said this is rosewood mind and as soon as I played the first note I knew it was the one.

Just wanted to compliment you on building it it has such a wondrous tone. I love to hit a chord and listen as it slowly decays, aghast at the sparkle and all the awesome overtones.

This one is definitely a keeper and I tried it immediately after playing a used Lowden F35 spruce rosewood, your spoke to me in a way the Lowden didn't.

I believe Neil has mentioned that I bought it subject to some minor things being sorted out so I hope you are ok with this arrangement.

Many Thanks, Gary Powell

Dear Tony and Sam,

Just wanted to get in touch because tomorrow I plan to be able to pick up the OM Cedar top (No 1) from Steve at Knighton Music Centre.

It completely blew me away about 3 weeks ago and I've been selling of and trading in all I have so as to be able to make it mine!

I've managed to pick out a few pictures of it on your Instagram pages, but any other tales/points of interest of it's making would be lovely to hear of.

You have created something of great beauty.

Many thanks, and if you ever come over to the shop in Knighton please let me know as it would be tremendous to meet you.

All good wishes, Mick Westrip

​Dear Sam & Tony,

After all these years, I've got my ideal acoustic guitar - a Lakestone JM/C!

I was delighted to be able to select the Cedar top, the Lacewood sides and back (choosing the flat sheets from your stock!), the model and shape, with the bevel edge - plus that fantastic Baggs pick up, to make up the guitar that I've always wanted.

Your attention to detail, your craftsmanship and the sheer quality of the wood and the hardware has made this guitar a thing of true beauty.

I'm looking forward to enjoying this one for a long time - it's with me for life!

Regards, Brian

Hi Tony and Sam,

Just wanted to let you know that after owning my Lakestone OM/D for around 6 weeks I am still convinced that it is the best acoustic guitar that I have ever played.

The tone is awesome, the playabilty is fantastically easy and intonation all over the fretboard is spot on. First time i played it in the shop I played an E chord and the tone and volume just blew me away, it still does now, a truly jaw dropping tone. I have very slightly lowered the nut to my preference and I have tried some Heritage low tension strings which really suit it tonally but don't stress the body quite as much, they have around 30 lbs less pull, they have also made it even easier to play.

Many thanks again for building such a wonderful instrument, I absolutely love it and couldn't be happier.

Good luck and I hope you sell loads of these truly wonderful, world class acoustic guitars.

ATVB Gary.

Reuben Morgan wrote on Instagram:

"Not long ago these guys reached out to me whilst I was in London. They are guitar makers -

Master Craftsmen.

When I met up with them, they brought some of the finest guitars I've ever played

and asked me if they could make me my dream guitar. Crazy!!!

Truth is - I didn't even know what my dream guitar was, and felt reluctant to accept - though I became convinced they weren't going to take no for an answer.

Fast forward a few months, lots of conversations with @droff and others, and we came up with the guitar I'm holding in my hands.

I love the guys at #lakestoneguitars ... this is like a

promise in waiting ... thank God

for faithful people who are devoted to their craft.

For them, worship is to make musical instruments for the glory of God.

How inspirational is that?"                                         Reuben Morgan


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