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Created, Handcrafted - Perfected

Lakestone Guitars are handcrafted in Wolverhampton, in the United Kingdom.

With now over 25 years of experience in guitar making, Tony Wright named Lakestone Guitars as a new brand that would combine expert craftsmanship with new technology using the highest quality materials with a constant emphasis on achieving truly great tone.

Lakestone’s concept was to take traditional designs and then to include real innovation to produce exceptionally beautiful instruments that play and sound as well as they look.

Benny Matthews of Thunder playing the new Lakestone SL at Birmingham Symphony Hall

Each guitar is unique and materials are used in sympathy with the design, making it possible to use woods that are sometimes a little out of the ordinary.

"We are especially keen to work with clients to produce their dream designs."

There's  a wide range of design options including:

Fanned Fret, Bevelled Edge, Neck Width, Scale Length and Fitted Pickup System

plus many more.

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