About Lakestone Guitars

Tony Wright has been a musician since he was 15 years old; starting with guitar and moving on to bass.

When Tony was asked to join a professional band, he realised that his instrument wasn't up to spec. He tried to purchase a  guitar, but this proved to be really difficult, because all instruments of the quality he wanted were going to cost thousands of pounds. So, he decided to put his musician, design and craft skills together and build his first instrument and Necx Guitars was born.

The Universal Fret Slotter

Tony had been repairing and building high quality instruments for about 25 years when there was another development.
He applied his experience in tooling design to the guitar making market into Necx Products.

The now well-known "Universal Fret Slotter" was developed as probably the best fret slotter on the market. Many luthiers around the world use this indispensable guitar making tool.

Photo: Express & Star

A new partnership

Having made electric guitars and basses for years, Tony also mentored young luthiers. One of these students was Samuel, his youngest Son.

As they began working together, they decided to design and develop acoustic guitars.

For the next five years, working on a steep learning curve, Tony and Sam’s first prototypes proved so responsive that the professionals and music shops who tried them quickly recognised the excellent quality of making and tonality.

Photo: Express & Star

A very welcome phone call!

Sometime into the development of these prototypes Tony was unexpectedly contacted by one George Lowden. Yes, you read it right, the George Lowden!

Long story short, George invited Tony to his workshops in Down Patrick near Belfast.
Now, Tony has worked with George on several projects helping to improve production procedures.

Increasing Interest

During 2015, Lakestone completed their first guitars, and offered them to various local shops and musicians for review.
Response was beyond Tony and Sam's wildest dreams - with extremely positive reactions to each of the new models.

Soon, Wolverhampton's Express & Star newspaper contacted them with a plan to do a feature on Lakestone Guitars.

See the Express & Star's video here:

The Fan Fret

The first project of interest was the Lowden Fan Fret. George had already designed and built the first prototypes and they had been received with great acclaim at the NAMM exhibition in USA.

Tony designed and built the jig that allows Lowden’s fanned fret guitars to be put into full production.

Now, new models are being produced under the brand name of LAKESTONE guitars.

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